Give thanks this season with special books all about the Thanksgiving holiday!

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The Perfect Thanksgiving

by Eileen Spinelli

As one family prepares the perfect Thanksgiving dinner with lace napkins and a beautiful pie, another one faces chaos as the turkey burns and their dessert falls to the floor, in an amusing holiday tale about two families that have more in common than they could have ever imagined.

Thanksgiving Mice!

by Bethany Roberts

A group of theatrical mice have some problems when they put on a play to commemorate the first Thanksgiving, but everything works out alright in the end.

Arthur’s Thanksgiving

by Marc Tolon Brown

Arthur finds his role as director of the Thanksgiving play a difficult one, especially since no one will agree to play the turkey.

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by Rebecca Rissman

This book introduces readers to what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving, and shows them why this holiday is so special.

Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit

by Norman Bridwell

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth discover how much they have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Tiny!

by Cari Meister

Eliot is cast in a Thanksgiving play, and his dog, Tiny, wants to help but only gets in the way until disaster strikes on opening night.

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‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

by Dav Pilkey

School children on a field trip to Mack Nugget’s farm save the lives of eight turkeys in this poem based on “The Night Before Christmas.”


by Alice K. Flanagan

Explains the origins and meaning of Thanksgiving and how it came to be a national holiday, describes the development of holiday customs, and suggests thing to do on Thanksgiving

The Great Thanksgiving Escape

by Mark Fearing

A kid-friendly celebration of Thanksgiving finds young Gavin anticipating a boring day with his relatives only to be swept up by his cousin’s effort to escape to the swing set in the backyard, a journey marked by sweater-wearing dogs, overly affectionate aunts and grownups of inconvenient height. By the award-winning creator of Earthling!

Thanksgiving Day Thanks

by Laura Elliott

Participating in seasonally themed classroom projects while trying to identify what he most appreciates about Thanksgiving in anticipation of the holiday, Sam prepares animal balloons for a local parade and fears a storm will ruin his plans.

Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit!

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

This gently illustrated picture book with pull-the-flap tabs presents a charming tale of friendship and family togetherness as Biscuit, a young pup, and his master celebrate the holiday by giving thanks for the many special things they have.

What is Thanksgiving?

by Elaine Landau

Teaches children all about Thanksgiving symbols and traditions in an easy-to-read book that also provides a hands-on activity to thank community helpers.

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Thanksgiving in the Woods

by Phyllis Alsdurf

A picture book based on a true story follows the annual activities of a group of farming friends and family members who gather in the woods of Upstate New York to celebrate Thanksgiving by singing, laughing, lighting bonfires and sharing seasonal foods among the trees.

The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

by Jenna Lettice

“A cumulative story based on “”The 12 Days of Christmas”” features a pair of young siblings who count the 12 days leading up to a big Thanksgiving celebration while listing elements of the season that they are grateful for, including apples, leaf piles and shared family time.”

Thanks for Thanksgiving

by Julie Markes

At Thanksgiving time, children express their gratitude for the people and things in their lives, in a charming board book filled with delightful illustrations that bring the author’s words to life.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

by Patrick Merrick

Introduces the holiday of Thanksgiving and some of the ways in which it is celebrated, explaining the origin and meaning behind such symbols as the turkey.

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Baby’s First Thanksgiving

by Dawn Sirett

A hand-sized introduction to Thanksgiving combines vibrantly colored photographs with bold word labels designed to promote visual recognition and early language skills.

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